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Providing solutions Using Innovative Tools

Based in Northern Alberta, Vieworx Geophoto has been committed to delivering high quality products since 2010. We offer a wide range of services that will provide innovative solutions for your business needs.  Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to meet your project specifications and deadlines at competitive rates.

Originally specializing in construction, Vieworx has expanded their services to include LiDAR collection and GIS applications.  We currently own and operate a total of 5 LiDAR sensors (1 airborne, 3 mobile and 1 static.)

Our mission is focused on developing comprehensive worfkflows using innovative technologies that will focus on environmental stewardship, social–trust, and economic development.

Our core values are efficiency, innovation, and sustainability. Vieworx continually strives to become industry leaders in construction and spatial data analysis. We aim to deliver highly accurate products using various innovative technologies in every step of our workflow that will promote effective project development and sustainable practices.


Specializing in: 

•Airborne LiDAR 

•Mobile LiDAR 

•Static LiDAR

•Aerial and ground geo-tagged Imaging

•Fine-resolution imagery

•Digitally-driven construction tools

Vieworx Applications/Services: 

•City Modelling

•Contour Mapping 

•Corridor Mapping

•Agriculture & Forestry Applications

•Linear Feature Planning

•Volume Calculations 

•Asset Inventory  

•Powerline Mapping

• Drainage Mapping


Awards and News

  • 2015 - New Service offered to Vieworx Clients: New Spin. New spin allows users to view LiDAR point-clouds through a web browser, without the need for additional software. Visualizing and measuring within the point-cloud are just a few functions in this highly- effective service.
    2014 Vieworx was honored to assist the RCMP in a multiple missing persons case this year using our airborne LiDAR system.
  • 2013 - Featured in “Small Business, Big Impact- Alberta Small Business Profile”.
  • 2013 - Vieworx is pleased to announce an addition to its LiDAR family- The Riegl VQ-480i. This compact device will eliminate access barriers associated with our current operation. We are very excited to deliver the outputs of this innovation tool….. Stay tuned.
  • 2012 - Steward of Excellence Award (Devon Canada)
  • 2011 - Alberta Chamber of Resourses Reclamation
  • 2011 - Emerald Award Community (Partners in Resource for Excellence)