Aerial Imaging

With over a decade of experience, Vieworx Geophoto has the qualified technicians to provide an industry leading inspection of your above ground ROW system.

Providing a bird’s eye view of the right of way from your office, Vieworx Geophoto utilizes a 360-degree camera to collect every inch of your ROW. Flown at a low elevation, this dataset will assist in the asset management of your ROW.

During collection, the pilot and technician document 5 different attributes along the ROW. Once this data is collected and processed a technician reviews the entire flight from the office ensuring attributes are appropriately marked. Following the data analysis, a map is created with URL links to all the 360-degree imagery as well as point locations of all the findings in the 5 individual layers.

Reports are then generated with title and description of the findings to go along with full location (Latitude/ Longitude) of each point.

Below is a list of the symbology:

1. Red/ green circles are 360 images along the ROW.

2. Green Crosses: Sign present

3. Green Square: Riser present

4. Yellow Triangle: Deficiency

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