Aerial LiDAR

 All aerial datasets are collected using our Riegl VQ-480i system. This compact and lightweight scanner is ideal for many applications, such as corridor mapping and forest structure characterization. 


Aerial LiDAR applications




 Aerial LiDAR has become an attractive alternative for forest inventory over the last couple years due to the ability to directly measure tree height and canopy density. This information has made it possible to substantially reduce costs and increase productivity. 


City Modelling

Accurate spatial information is required for urban management, planning, and future expansion. Aerial LiDAR provides an efficient and low cost method for acquiring first hand data of urban infrastructure and city layouts.


Corridor Mapping


Aerial LiDAR provides a fast and efficient alternative for corridor planning and design. It is particularly useful where access is limited to field technicians. For example, a 200km linear corridor can be mapped within a few hours. Aerial LiDAR is a non-intrusive methodology for obtaining detailed elevation data.