Mobile LiDAR

Vieworx currently owns and operates 3 mobile LiDAR systems (2 Topcon IP-S2 HD Mapping Systems as well as 1 Scanlook from LiDAR USA). All systems are featured with highly accurate components that are able to deliver survey grade datasets. 

Mobile LiDAR Applications


Road Construction

Traditional road and highway construction involves temporary road closures and traffic control. LiDAR can collect millions of points per second in various environments without the need of these delays. It is a fast and more efficient alternative to traditional techniques.


Volume Calculations

Mobile LiDAR is an efficient method for volumetric determination.  These fine resolution datasets capture the fine detail necessary for accurate volume calculations.


Powerline Inspection

 LiDAR high-density georeferenced scans are a necessary tool for accurately measuring in-field conditions of power lines.